Testimonials from Ministry Leaders

  • Hello! My name is Janet Thiessen and I am currently Pastor of Women's Ministries at North Langley Community Church (MB) in Langley, BC. I have been blessed to be a part of a church that actively encourages women in training and leadership to minister in the local body, the community and the world.

    Over half of the attendees in most churches are women, yet are women actively reaching, teaching and discipling women for Christ in accordance with Titus 2 in your fellowship? How do women reach women and encourage them to grow in Christ daily? One way is through training women to reach women.

    From firsthand observation and experience, I would like to recommend the School of Women's Ministries as an excellent resource for equipping women to reach women more effectively. The curriculum for this course covers foundational and practical training elements and incorporates relevant readings and assignments with each unit. As well, the supervised internship component of the course is carried out in the student's home church. Overall, the School of Women's Ministry provides top quality training that builds confidence to lead, is applicable to the local church and is affordable.

    I, personally, am not aware of any specific training for women in many churches that offers what this course offers for women seeking to increase their competence in ministry. If you are a Women's Ministry leader, prayerfully consider this training for your future. Church leaders, perhaps you could identify and encourage women called to leadership positions to pursue further training through this venue. Your church will benefit as women discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts more effectively.

    Plan now to attend this School of Women's Ministries, or encourage others to take advantage of this excellent training.

    Janet Thiessen
    North Langley Community Church
    Langley, BC

  • Some of the women in our church have attended the School of Women's Ministry, and the pay-back to our church has been very gratifying. In each case it has been a maturing experience for those who attended, and in two cases we have had women move into significant church roles while they were taking part in the school. The school seemed to heighten commitment to the church, build confidence in the student and stimulate an attitude of becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus. I would not hesitate to recommend the School of Women's Ministry to any woman who wants to both grow in her personal life and become fruitful in the church.

    Roland J. Lewis
    Former BCBC District Coach
    Former Pastor, Westview Baptist Church, Powell River

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Testimonials from Graduates

  • Being a "baby Christian" I found the work load tolerable. With one exception all the readings were very interesting and applicable to my life. All the speakers were wonderful. The amount of work in the post assignments were average to me; all in all the two year program was a journey of healing for me. It chronicled a healing of heart from the inside out...from divorce.

    Because women considering SWM are interested in women's ministry there is already a desire to serve and know more. This course helps us to become more able "equipped to serve". The work is a good PONDERING of how to apply these principles to your life. I worked fulltime as a special needs teacher in a high school and did other courses simultaneously- Perspectives, Gaining through losing, Battlefield of the mind and Divorce care, etc.

    It was a great re- introduction for getting back into school- the notion of "pass" or "fail" somehow was comforting - there was help from my mentor to pass and succeed. It helped me along my path to eventually marry this July and enroll and start my Masters degree in special Education. I (learned) you have no idea of what and how God may work this out in your life- be obedient and take the first step.

    Kathy Hayward

  • Being involved as a student in the School of Women's Ministries, was a wonderful experience. I am thankful that the Baptist General Conference recognized the need to equip women for ministry and then provided a quality program to meet that need. God is calling women to be a light in their communities, schools, work places, churches and families. Yet, often we feel lacking in the skills that will help us minister effectively in our circle of influence. The School of Women's Ministry equips and enables women to feel confident in their ability to reach out to other women and to create programs that will meet the needs of their church and/or community. The School of Women's Ministry was an important beginning for me. After completing the honours program, I felt God leading me into more schooling. I am now completing my second year in a BRE program in Pastoral Studies and counseling, while serving as the Director of Women's Ministries at our church. If you told me five years ago that I would be doing this, I would have laughed and said it is impossible! Yet I know that "...nothing is impossible with God" (Lk.1:27). I am also reminded that it is not me but "...it is God who works in (me) to will and to act according to His good purpose" (Phil.2:13). It is now my desire to see women in my church, trained and equipped for ministry - then given wings to fly!

    Rhona H., Grande Prairie, AB

  • In the fall of 2004, I literally felt pushed into leadership with no training, no qualification and certainly no confidence. I really wanted a mentor or some kind of training that would help me in my new role. When I received the email advertising SWM, I felt hopeful, like maybe this could be for me. God has been so incredible over the past 2 years, I've seen him work in my life, affirming his generous gifts to me. My leadership journey started with the vision of friendship modeled by Mary and Elizabeth and the verse that spoke to me then, Luke 1:45, speaks just as prominently today. Blessed am I, who has believed that God will do what He said to me, He would do! I know it is not through me, but through the Lord that I can do all these things.

    Andrea Y., White Rock, BC

  • This program has really shaped me, in that I now know who I am in Christ. I believe that God has a purpose for my life, and I now have a glimmer as to what possibilities his purposes might entail. With the knowledge I have obtained from this course, I have the confidence to spread my wings and fly. To make a difference in God's kingdom!

    Corinne, Regina, SK

  • I love to teach!! I love seeing women learn what God has for them. I have also seen the transformation in my own life over the last 2 years of my mind and heart and I can't thank God enough for this.

    Gail J., Gibsons, BC

  • I felt totally inadequate to lead any ministry in my church but had a thirst for God's direction and the company of other women seekers. Trusting in God and stepping forward with my studies I now feel a foundation on which to stand and as I offer to minister to women.

    Donna Lee H., Sechelt, BC

  • I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. My challenge was not the assignments or the class work which were very valuable and useful, but rather fitting in the time to do the assignments. God helped me to set time aside, gave wisdom to do the assignments and blessed me with extensions given on due dates.

    Dorothy T., Langley, BC

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