Our Program

The School of Women in Ministry is a two-year program that features six days of face to face instruction (three classes per year; one Saturday in the autumn, winter and spring). Each day consists of two three-hour classes taught by well-qualified instructors. Pre-course reading and assignments, as well as follow-up assignments, augment the teaching time.

Each student, using what she has learned, is expected to formulate and complete an internship in her local church (or an approved para-church organization). This project is planned and approved by the end of the first year and completed in the second year under the supervision of her pastor, or someone of his (or her) choosing. For women desiring additional study an honours program is available. It is noteworthy that women who choose to complete the honours program find the extra effort helps release their potential and focus their passion for service.


  1. A certificate program that requires six classroom days over two years
  2. Classes are a balanced mix of academic and practical learning
  3. Well-qualified and godly instructors
  4. Academic coach for each student
  5. Methodology to prepare women for more effective service in the local church/para-church organizations
  6. Designed for women entering or involved in church leadership


  1. Focused study promotes discipleship and a deeper relationship with God
  2. Critical thinking methods help the student identify a broader mission for the local church
  3. Minimal time away from home; reading and assignments are completed on the individual's timeline
  4. Assignments prepare students for instruction, then expand and apply learning
  5. Coaches offer encouragement, direction and feedback on assignments
  6. Tuition and textbook costs are reasonable


  1. Students evidence spiritual growth and are inspired to effective service
  2. Students demonstrate increased competence and confidence in leadership roles
  3. Students gain tools to enlarge the mission of the local church
  4. Non-denominational methods are applicable to many church ministries


  • Unit 1: Foundations of Women in Ministry / Leadership Qualifications and Qualities
  • Unit 2: What Christians Believe (Theology) / Organizational Theory and Practices
  • Unit 3: Understanding Women Today / Designing Programs that Work
  • Unit 4: Discovering and Using Spiritual Gifts / Leading with Integrity
  • Unit 5: Sharing Truth (Evangelism) / Studying Truth (Bible study methods)
  • Unit 6: Communicating the Truth (Public Speaking) / Elective (decided by class)
  • Unit 7: Internship (usually completed before unit 6)


Our registration costs are reasonable. Tuition covers the cost of classroom instruction, grading of papers, coaching, lunch and coffee breaks. There is a one time application fee of $30 that must accompany a completed registration form. Each unit of study is $110; the total tuition for six units of study is $660. Please review the registration form for specific information to assist the completion of your application.

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