The School of Women in Ministry (SWM) was developed to meet the learning needs of women who already serve in their local church but deeply desire to be more effective in what they do. We are committed to training and encouraging women to minister well in their church, their community and into other parts of the world as the Lord leads. Some students have the gift of leadership but want to further develop their focus, or expand their boundary of competence, while other students come to understand the process of leadership and that they have talents to offer their King and His kingdom. As you review the content of this site we ask that you prayerfully consider Jesus' teaching in Mark 10:42-45 and reflect on your motive for leadership and your desire to follow Paul's injunction 'to become fully equipped for His good service'.

Originally developed by Pamela Heim, (past Director of Women's Ministries at Baptist General Conference US, now Converge Int'l), for women involved in leading women's ministries this training program came to Canada in 2002. Graduates of this certificate program exhibit a deeper spiritual awareness of the call of God on their life and, for the most part, become 'innovators and expanders' in various areas of church and community life. For some, SWM's educational component spurred them on to higher education and a deep resolve to teach others of God's love and saving grace. Commencing the fall of 2009 the Program is expanded to include women who serve in any area of church ministry or in a para-church organization. See Our Program for further detail.

Who Should Attend the School of Women in Ministry?

This training program is geared to women of committed Christian faith who desire to be better prepared and equipped to serve well within their local church or a para-church organization.
This training program has some flexibility; however, in order to graduate, students need to commit to:

  • Attend the six class dates (a DVD of one missed class is made available)
  • Complete the reading of assigned texts and if choosing the honours program, other recommended reading.
  • Complete all assignments
  • Develop and complete the requirements of an internship project

The learning environment is supportive and each student is assigned a coach to review progress and provide feedback on written assignments. The assignments are usually short (500 to 1,200 words) and often use a personal context. Women keen to immerse themselves in deeper study find opportunity by choosing to enter the 'honours option' whereby they complete additional reading and an assignment to enhance their particular interest.

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